The HIV Bio-Weapon is in full swing testing its soft kill weapons

on the entire world population.

Alright this is for any of you that have family or

friends that think vaccines are safe ask the this…
Would you take a HIV Vaccine?

All those who say vaccines are safe get in line……
Clinical Trials: keyword search “Experimental” Results: 47,061 Studies!
Clinical Trials:Keyword search “ experimental vaccine” Results: 2,129 Studies!

Clinical Trials Experimental Vaccine Results: # 9 CANDIDATE HIV VACCINE
Click on it:
HIV Vaccine study
This study took place First Received: August 5, 2004 Last Updated: January 16, 2008 (this will become relevant later).
Notice it say this will not harm you: The vaccine contains no live HIV virus or CMV and cannot cause either of these illnesses.
There are 15 candidates enrolled in this completed program.
So then I searched
HIV Vaccine 515 Studies look at #5
It Says:
A Study of Patients Who Develop HIV Infection After Enrolling in HIV Vaccine Trials or HIV Vaccine Preparedness Trials
Look at the Date: First Received: January 24, 2002 Last Updated: August 31, 2010 This shows that they lied in the 2004 study saying it was harmless
Notice there are 54 people in this trial…which means that the HIV vaccine study of 15 candidates was not the only one!?
Dr Boyd Graves shows how the US Government Engineered HIV he has a cool time line also that the CURE for AIDS is in the patent office under Patent #5676977
here is a link to us patent site:
it is called: Method of curing AIDS with tetra-silver tetroxide molecular crystal devices.
Its been there since October 14, 1997.
Alright in closing the United Stated governments ongoing experimentation on its citizens is out in the open and documented on their own website Clinical Trials dot Gov.
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