Before you read the article below let’s have a little history lesson starting with George W Merck and the United States biological weapons program. Merck would later go on to received tens of millions of dollars to start making vaccines an offspring of the biological weapons industry. Having gained information from the Japanese Imperial Army commander Shiro Ishii whose unit 731 was responsible for human experimentations on thousands of victims throughout the second Sino Japanese war from 1937-1945. Human Health and Hygiene Police were dispersed among villages to set up vaccination centers to spread death and disease amongst its citizens in order to test the strength of the new toxic brew. Today you can be a part of this experiment all you have to do is go down to your local Kmart, Target, CVS, Walmart or Rite Aid and visit the pharmacy section they will have plenty of toxic injections to choose from but be prepared now you have to pay for them. The Pharmacratical Dictatorship that prevails over every facet of our culture seeks to control you through medications that damage your ability to perceive reality, locking you in a cycle of masturbatory futility which will exhaust all your ability to believe. I was born in a nation and now I live in a Homeland ‘Land of the fees and the Home of the slaves’.

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