The Bonus Army members were World War 1 veterans whom never received compensation for there service in fighting in the war. When the war started the army determined which soldier was suited for battle and which should work in the factors creating weapons. The soldiers that went to war earned a little over a dollar a day. While the soldiers that stayed home and worked in the safety of the factories were paid on average ten dollars a day. Bonus Army 1934During the depression the WW1 veterans marched on DC to protest this very fact and demand compensation. 45,000 men of all races traveled across the country in caravans and on trains heading to DC. The Bill that would compensate the veterans failed to pass the senate. The veterans were asked to leave, they refused.The army had already set up an encampment and were prepared to deal with the protestors. General MacArthur,Patton and Eisenhower were the leading commanders in this confrontation. They first kettle the protestors back across a bridge. After some time the order was given and the protesting veterans where attacked with gas and soldiers caring rifles lead by soldiers on horses charging with men in tanks.

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