Mind Control

How could it be in a nation founded on suing your enemy for all they are worth that one women could tour the country promoting her book “Trance: Formation of America” on how she was molested as a child by some of the top political figures in the last 40 years?  Cathy O’Brien was inducted into the sex slave program the CIA had developed out of Mk-Ultra titled; Project Monarch. Beginning as a small child her mind was shattered and reassembled to create a split identity that could not only perform sexual acts but deliver secret messages. Using technics of NLP and severe trauma they are about to cause the minds perceptual defense mechanisms creating an alter ego that has an ability of “Total Recall” also called photographic memory. Cathy has memories of Bill Clinton receiving shipments of cocaine and during lines in front of her.

She talks about sexual encounters with Hilary Clinton stating that “she prefers girls” and her husband lean “toward boys”. The book goes on in such graphic details of the occultic rituals  she took part in were senator Robert Byrd carves his likens on a part of Cathy’s body I will not mention here.

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