Could it be we have been consuming genetically modified bacteria poop? Apparently the industry has been working hard producing a sweet alternative that will not only shorten your lifespan but insure that you are a lifetime customer to the military industrial pharmaceutical media complex. Imagine yourself consuming constant doses of methanol and formaldehyde slowly pickling your brain making it difficult to concentrate or think outside the box. Let us look at the possible implications of the artificial sweetener aspartame which is now in over 6,000 food products currently consumed on a daily basis here in America.

Turns out your old buddy Donald “weapons of mass destruction” Rumsfeld was at the helm of yet another problem reaction solution scenario that seems to have been quite profitable for big pharma. Back in 1981 DR was the head of G.D. Searle a giant pharmaceutical weapons manufacturing corporation. He helped get this neurotoxin “aspartame” passed the FDA after multiple test showed that it caused brain lesions and brain tumors in rats. Learn the whole ugly truth here:

“The Independent” out of the United Kingdom is where we learn that aspartame is made of three ingredients, one of which has been genetically modified on the Island of Doctor Moroe.  Phenylaline is the mutated bacteria we are speaking of. Like a prime cut of beef off a genetically enhanced steer the bacteria resemble body builders pumped full of steroids able to produce twice the amount of poop (phenylaline) then there unmutated counterpart.  Read it for yourself:

Not all the regulator agencies agree with the FDA’s position that consuming methanol is a safe and healthy choice. The European Ramazzini Foundation (ERF) submitted a study on aspartame called, “Long-Term Carcinogenicity Bioassays to Evaluate the Potential Biological Effects, in Particular Carcinogenic, of Aspartame Administered in Feed to Sprague-Dawley Rats,”.  Notice at the bottom of the article it states that this in the sixth test in which the FDA has chosen to deny the facts and continue to recommend the consumption of a known neurotoxic that has a direct link to brain tumors and possibly blindness:

I was unaware of the possible link between aspartame and blindness until I started making this video and researching this report. Seeing the direct link between methanol and blindness made me think leading to the discovery of the statics which top 800 million worldwide:  Methanol has a direct link and has been proven to cause blindness. Bad brewers of moonshine have been responsible for more than one banjo playing creepy deliverance kid. Don’t take my word for it here is your proof:

Now if that isn’t bad enough the amount of information linking diketopiperazine (DKP) to brain tumors is staggering.  Remember after 6 months of storage a can of coca cola will have converted the aspartames’ phenylalanine into DKP by an amount of 25%!

On the other hand we could just listen to Muhtar Kent whom ASSures us that his company’s product is safe and good tasting. I bet rhino saliva would taste good if you were making $22 million a year. That’s like $60,000 a day or $2,511 per hour. Now you see why he has no problem lying while smiling:

Well I guess we should just leave it up to the experts at coca cola whom generated $36 billion dollars in 2010 along with the Genetically Modified Island of Doctor Monsanto’s whom gathered $10 billion dollars in 2010. With profits like this don’t look for anything to change except perhaps an new flavor of soda containing the even more toxic artificial sweetener known as NEOTAME.

Neotame is 13,000 times sweeter than sugar and 13,000 times more toxic than aspartame. The FDA has insured that labeling of products containing neotame is not necessary. Looks like another rabbit to chase! Thanks for Reading! Thanks for Watching!

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