If the new world order gets their way you will be administering your own vaccinations via a micro patch that will be mailed to you by the government  ran health care officials. On the cusp of the announcement that ObamaCare has been approved by the Supreme Court System I can’t help but wonder if vaccines will be mandated into health care coverage. This technology comes for the business world of communications and the inkjet printer market which has developed smaller and smaller needles to inject ink onto paper. Now they have incorporated the technology so they can inject chemicals into the human animal. This is why the new world order keeps an eye on each genre of technological development through the use of the college system and their multinational corporations. Combining computer tech with bio tech sounds like something right out of the movie “Gamer” where contestants are controlled via nano-chips and used in real life game play like you see in “Call of Duty”.

Georgia Tech professors say that the micro patch vaccines mode of delivery has a stronger effect on the immune system. When you provoke the immune system you are damaging your body just like when you break a bone or bruise your leg the body needs time to recover from injury. This damage might be temporary or long term depending on the level of health you are currently in and the number of genes you have activated due to an improper diet and exposures to toxic environments. Living in the most controlled experimental society in human history it is hard to maintain a sense of harmony with nature. We are bombarded from all directions and we are quickly reaching a crescendo of over stimulation which will intern lead to desensitization and eventually disconnect us from the true meaning of life.

To learn more of the toxic nature of vaccines and the current ongoing assault on your health and sanity via the new world orders big pharma division please visit experimental vaccines. I would rather live a day as a lion than a lifetime as a lamb!

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