The mainstream vaccine program is in a stir over the news that veterinary vaccines given to chickens have recombined inside the chicken producing two new virus strains that are more virulent than that original ILT virus. This process of recombinant DNA is known to scientist but up until now they believed it could only happen under certain conditions like those produced in a controlled laboratory environment or perhaps on the new world orders island of Doctor Moreau. Instead it has happened to one of Australia’s industrialized chicken concentration camps also referred to as the commercial chicken pharming industry. Where not only do they pump the animals full of vaccines and antibiotics but they make sure to terrify the animal from birth to death in order to infusing that fearful energy into the meat that most humans consume.

Chicken Vaccine Virus

Chicken Concentration Camp

A study by a team from the Asia-Pacific Centre for Animal Health at the University of Melbourne and NICTA found that two different vaccine viruses used to control a chicken respiratory disease the herpes virus infectious laryngotracheitis (ILT) have recombined, or crossed, to form two new virulent forms of the ILT virus. These new viruses are more deadly than the original and completely new to the environment having been created by man’s manipulation of the animal kingdoms genome. Makes me wonder what is happening to children who receive dozens of vaccines while as an infant. These children are all gather together in schools to help create new strains of the viruses and perpetuates the cycle needed to convert people into patient and pills into profits. Every day there are more medications more vaccines and more sick people, it’s all starting to make sense. What new allergies and illnesses are being created on this petri dish of a planet?

We are living in the most controlled experimental society in human history and now the pieces of the genetically modified organism or GMO puzzle is starting to fit in place. Unfortunately the picture that is being revealed is that of a giant prison called earth where the elitists are using the human population as guinea pigs in a world size laboratory designed to give you the illusion of health well-being and security. While in reality the pharmaceutical industry pushes toxic potions that have been wreaking havoc on the human immune system as well as the human genome in order to create a steady supply of customers that unknowingly continue to medicate themselves to death.  To learn more please come to experimental vaccines and chase some rabbits thanks!

Vaccine's Crippling Kids!

Kids are being Crippled by Vaccinations!

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