Welcome to an all new original series presented by experimental vaccines in which we will attempt to keep up with the mainstream media’s current marketing campaign involving vaccinations and immunizations.  The vaccination industry creates dozens of articles on a day basis boasting about the efficacy and efficiency of their toxic inoculations.  Little is heard about the dangers and damages these poisonous injections have inflicted on the growing youth in America. The Center for Disease Creation and Proliferation states that 1 in 6 kids born in the US has a developmental learning disability. We will be publishing twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hope you enjoy the news and please share this information.

The predictive programming presstitutes continually want you to believe that vaccines have saved more lives than any other form of human intervention. The Manchurian media quote the phrase medical miracle over and over again until you believe that vaccines have truly saved the world. When looking deeper down the rabbit hole of subterfuge you begin to find a completely different story unfolds. One of the statistics that rises to the surface of this gurgling cesspool is that the lion’s-share of all the outbreaks sensationalized by the Manchurian mainstream mediots involves vaccinated people.
Get Vaccine Exemption FormsA new study conducted by the National Institute of Death indicates the aluminum hydroxide adjuvants added to the vaccine is causing liver damage and increasing the risk of hepatitis in adults. The study was done because of an incident back in 2012 where the police abducted Jodi Ferris’s newborn when she questioned the need for the hepatitis B vaccination. The pharmacratical dictators seek to poison you with their snake oil medications and vaccinations designed to create a constant stream of customers by turning people in the patient’s one prescription at a time. Welcome to a brave new world.

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