The Beautiful Truth (2008)

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures

Run From the Cure: Rick Simpson’s

Royal Raymond Rife: Suppressed Medical Technology

Cancer Killed by Cannabis: UCLA Research

Rife-Bare Plasma Experiment Destroys Microorganisms

Royal Rife: In His Own Words

The Royal Rife Story

Cancer Cure: Secret Treatment of Diseases

Cancer Cure Sodium Bicarbonate: Tullio Simoncini

Cancer is Fungus

Coast to Coast Cancer in the Polio Vaccine: Dr. Mary’s Monkey

Weaponized Cancer Viruses Exposed: Edward Haslam

The Cancer Conspiracy

Vaccine Pioneer Admits: Cancer Added to Vaccines

Research Shows Cannabis Kills Tumors

Herbal Cancer Treatment

How to Heal Cancer: Howard Straus

Chemotherapy Makes Cancer Worse?

Genes Respond to Life: Bruce Lipton

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