Boston Dynamics PETMAN in Camouflage Wearing Gas Mask

Military Mosquito Robots Collecting DNA & Blood!

The Human Avatar Programs by NASA & DARPA

BigDog Throwing Cinder Blocks


DARPA’s Pet Robot Climbs Obstacles

The HiBot Amphibious Snake Robot

Sand Flea Jumping Robot by Boston Dynamic

DARPA: Military’s Martial Law Robots Herding Humans?

The Sarcos Robot

Smart Bird Life-Like Drone

Snakebot Tree Climbing Scout Robot

Nano Quadcopter Robots Fly Information

Rise of the Drones: ABC TV

DARPA’s Cheetah 28MPH Running Robot

DARPA’s Big Dog by Boston Dynamics

Miniature Humanoid Robots Helping Each Other

RiSE by Boston Dynamics

MIT’s Cheetah Running Robot

Snake Surveillance Robot Climbing Pole

DARPA’s Robot Climbing Stairs

Quad Drones Swarm With Spot Lights

Surveillance Blimp Hybrid Air Vehicles HAV 366

DARPA’s Mule Robot

Genetically Modified Soldiers DARPA: The Mutant Wars

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