Science fiction has always been my favorite genre, over the years I have consumed public libraries and pillage every video rental store looking for any piece of futuristic science fiction literature that seemed plausible in my current view on reality. The world we live in today has started to look a lot like the reality portrayed in those very same books and movies I embraced as a child and into my adulthood. Movies like ‘The Matrix’ ‘Blade Runner’ ‘Dune’ and ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ have been burned into my psyche and will forever filter my perspective on both conformity and identity. Now the matrix is starting to seem more of a reality than a fantasy and the hologram of life is starting to expose itself as the plausibility’s are no longer left in our dreams. Take those movies and mix them with these and you will have an idea of the future that awaits us; ‘Brave New World’ ‘Minority Report’ ‘Equilibrium’ ’Logans Run’ and ‘They Live’.

Human Hunting Robots?

Self Aware?

The rise of the robots might be a reality that is coming to a future near you with the birth of artificial intelligence now reaching a global level, integrated into every aspect of our lives. Take a look at the ‘Robots & Drones’ page and determine for yourself how far away we are from having a fully automated robotic police force and militarized drone fleets surveying Americans and turning citizens into civilians.  Have we begun to witness the birth of a technology that may soon become aware of its own existence? No more pesky feelings and emotions to get in the way of the task at hand the phrase ‘just following orders’ will be replace with a machine and a new phrase ‘just following programs’. What happens when the robots start writing their own programs?

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