Dead Wrong How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child

The new world order is hard at work changing the definition of what it means to be human by medicating children based solely on the opinions and a show of hands from the leading psychiatrist who have gathered together to determine what new pills will be pushed and what new labels will be applied to today’s already exploited generation “next”. The American Association of Psychiatry gathers together every few years and votes on new diagnosis’s that will be used to label children as broken in order to medicate their fictitious problems.  These psychiatrists use no medical science or advanced technology to back up any of their conclusion about these new diagnosed disorders and the medications that will be used to treat them. In fact there are “no tests” that can be administered to determine if an individual has a brain imbalance but there are conclusive studies that shows that these medications alter natural brain development and structure especially with the anti-depression medications known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor or SSRI’s.

Prescription Madness!The goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to label everyone a patient using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as a guideline for mental illness and behavioral disorders. In the current version of the DSM-IV you will find illnesses such as arithmetic learning disorder, young adult rebellion disorder and conduct disorder these are just a few on a long list of mental disorders which are really just personality traits like being shy or stubborn. Foster kids are perhaps the worst affected by this protocol since the state gets more money for medicated children this leads to 95% of all foster kids being on some type of psychiatric medication and in many cases multiple medications are prescribed.

The most popular drug prescribed to children and teens is Ritalin which is a version of methamphetamine called methylphenidate. Running a close second and usually prescribed to teens and adults would be Adderall which is another methamphetamine related drug clinically called; dextromethamphetamine (speed with a little sugar). Prescribed for ADHD or ADD (both made-up/voted-on diagnosis) it is given to children, teens, young adults and adults who have problems concentrating and sitting still in the overwhelmingly boring institutionalized educational system’s called schools. If you have ever seen anyone on methamphetamine they can be extremely productive in a neurotic kind of way with almost super human ability to tweak-out (concentrate) on whatever mundane task you give them (lessons, exams and tests).

Over Medicated Youth?

Over Medicated Youth?

When parents start noticing this “tweaker” behavior in their child they immediately bring it to the attention of their kids psychiatrist whom magically has another pill for that exact problem and encourages the parents not to worry telling them that it is a common side effect of the medication especially with children that age. He then writes the child two new prescription’s; Paxil to help with moods and anxieties which can come from the new responsibilities of school and peer relations that the young children has to deal with on a daily basis.  The second drug prescribed during the visit is Xanax, to be used for situational anxiety that might a rises during the course of a teen’s typical emotionally saturated day. In reality it allows you to fall asleep helping to overcome the massive amounts of pharmaceutical grade stimulates used though out the day to better your concentration and focus while attending school.

This is the cycle I have witnessed firsthand having worked with 100’s of psychiatrist over the past 20 years watching them dole out prescription after prescription to my clients after talking with them for no more than five minutes.  I understand the only way a psychiatrist knows how to fix a problem is with medications, prescriptions and pills but what is most disconcerting to me is the way that psychiatrists learn about the newly released medications. Pharmacists are not involved in this process in fact the information conveyed to the psychiatrist comes directly from top sales representative whom ends each sentence with the word “efficacy” and give away multi-thousand dollar kickbacks for each prescription written. Have you had your soma today?

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