Joseph Stalin once said; “one man with a gun can control 100 men without”  this statement rings in my head as I write this article on the current ‘goods for guns’ campaign being conducted in Worcester, Massachusetts over the past ten years.  Citizens are encouraged to turn in their firearms in exchange for a gift certificate ranging from 25$-75$ which can be redeemed at the Wegmans grocery store outlet. In addition to disarming their citizens Worcester has also sweetened up the deal with a free toxic injection called ‘the flu shot’.  The influenza vaccination that is given on a yearly schedule here in the United States contains higher levels of mercury than regular vaccines having a total of 1 microgram per milliliter as opposed to the MMR vaccine which has .5 micrograms per milliliter as stated in the ‘Mercury Free Act’. Perhaps this is one of the contributing factors that has caused the United States of America to become one of the leaders in developmentally disabled children.

Vaccine Exemption Forms

Disarming & Disabling

Going to the Worcester, Massachusetts government website you start to understand why their citizens have begun to voluntarily giving up their second amendment responsibilities. Conditioning and programming are definitely the mind controlling factors at work here with the headline stating ‘kids and guns do not mix’ then they say you have a higher chance of shooting your loved one than an intruder. The fact that this program has collected over 2,200 guns in the past 10 years demonstrates that people will do as they are told and will take the advice of the highest form of authority over their own reasoning and common sense. Keep your children safe with firearm training and self-defense classes and keep them healthy by avoiding these yearly toxic injections known as vaccinations.

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