Thimerosal is a trademarked name given to a mercury based compound used as a preservative in the manufacturing of vaccines since the early 1930’s. Mercury is a well-known neurotoxin that has been shown in laboratory studies to permanently damage brain cells upon contact causing the dendrites to recoil from the contaminated areas leading to a gap in the neuro network. The majority of symptoms that are associated with the flu vaccinations are swelling at the injection site and headaches. Could these headaches be the initial effect of the toxic shot on the brain with more pronounced side effects occurring later in life?

Mercury is ToxicThe influenza seasonal flu vaccine is recommended every year in an inoculation campaign designed to create more customers for the new world orders growing pharmaceutical division. How many years of injections does it take to damage the immune system enough to create yet another patient of the national death care industries pill pushing medication mafia? Targeting your market audience is always best for sales and that is exactly what the powers that be have done with the slogan ‘No Shot No School’. This slogan refers to the Tdap vaccination which is being sold to the masses as a mandatory requirement for enrolling students in public schools focusing mainly on teens entering into junior high school. Whooping Cough or Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis is the excuse given for poisoning these preteens with toxic injections as they enter into the machine of control and submission known as the public educational training system.

The national death care industry has worked diligently to give the illusion that vaccines are for the general public’s health and safety. When it comes to mercury in the vaccines the solution to pacify the masses is to implement the ‘Mercury-Free Act’ which doesn’t remove mercury from the vaccines instead it regulates the level of mercury in vaccines being given to pregnant women and babies under three years old. These vaccinations are designed to damage and weaken the immune system making you more susceptible to the naturally occurring viruses, bacteria and disease you might encounter in the wild. If the vaccines and medications worked the way mainstream science tells us wouldn’t the children be getting healthier? Instead along with the growing profit margins of pharmaceutical corporations there is an equally growing population of sick people being turned into patients as the medications they push only hastens their customer’s death.

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