Developmental neurotoxicants are chemicals that effect the way your brain develops in its ability to process, store and retrieve information.  The pharmacratical dictatorship has sunk its fangs of control into every facet of human existence making it nearly impossible to escape the toxic stream of products being produced by the new world orders mental hygienists. Dumbing down the population is a compartmentalized industry which exploits human necessity in order to expand its fear of influence. Turning food and water into weaponized mental poisons the modern day behavioral sterilization program marches forward.

The {EPA} Environmental Pollution Agency have established a list of chemicals that are known to cause learning disabilities and central nervous system disorders, The Mundy Database  refers to these chemicals as developmental neurotoxins. This list contains well over a double dozen different poisons that will lower your IQ level while quenching your thirst and brightening your teeth. Taking a look at the EPA’s list you start to realize most of these chemical are in foods and beverages we consume on a daily basis. In fact it would be nearly impossible not to consume at least one of these brain-cell-killing chemicals which have saturated consumer goods and permeated every aspect of human hygiene creating an empire of imbeciles who pay to be poisoned.

  • Aluminum  in sunscreens, deodorant and vaccines
  • Aspartame in diet sodas, artificial sweeteners and chewing gum
  • Bisphenol A in plastic containers, liners of food cans and Baby Toys
  • DEET in bug sprays and insect repellents
  • Fluoride in drinking water, bottled water and Toothpaste

Imagine you became aware of the man behind the curtain of this population reduction program that has its origins in the 1920’s United States Department of Eugenics. A program first established to minimize the amount of breeding that was occurring among its citizens via sterilization of those deemed unfit. Today the pharmacratical dictatorship fiddles with the very nature of being human not only a cellular level but all the way down to your DNA. These eugenics drive consumer products have systematically whittled away the protective barriers our bodies use to possess. The only way to avoid the constant onslaught of toxic chemicals being hurled at the human animal is to become Grizzly Adams and retreat into the wilderness leaving behind the illusions of a corrupt and polluted un-civilization.

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