The Dumbing Down of America

When looking at the public education system wearing a pair of “They Live” glasses you soon realize it resembles if not imitates the public prison system in both appearance and objective. Handling and processing kids like prisoners is a model that serves the system well instilling in children that the boundaries of authority should never be questioned. The perimeter of the school yard is identical to that of a prison with its high fences and gates that are locked during school hours to keep the kids safe from the outside world. Conditioning is the main lesson served in the public schooling system like Pavlov’s dog the children are trained on how to follow orders and stick to schedules like little consumers learning how to behave in a work force driven environment.  Education in Latin means “to draw forth knowledge” while on the other hand the Greek definition of School means “to hold in place” after examining all the information provided I believe our children are definitely being schooled!

Educational Prison's

Kids are being Schooled!

The model of the school is a repetitive system that trains student to regurgitate the information conveyed by the teacher rewarding kids who follow directions and do not question the answers. Critical thinking is no longer rewarded or entertained in the school curriculum it has been replaced with a reward system that encourages kid to process information and repeat what they have been told. This loss of the feminine brain has forced kids into a left brain thinking which is task and goal oriented. The right brain or feminine brain is the creative side that relates to ideas and environments rather than identifying them. The Rockefellers saw the need for public education and coupled it with the women’s lib movement to get the kids into the system at an earlier age by the second grade any source of authority the parent had over their child was transposed onto the public school figures known as principals, nurses and truant officers. Teach the kids when they are young that they have to submit to authority in order to be successful is something Hitler wrote about saying “if I could write the textbooks I would rule the world”.

Television a Prison for your Mind

Televised Programming!

The school system also reinforces an ideology of scarcity that is pushed from birth for example the first game you learn in kinder garden is musical chairs. In this game no matter how many kids start playing only one child will win in the end. When you make it through the 10,000 hours of programming and indoctrination pushed from grades k-12 you find yourself once again playing musical chairs this time the winning seat is called the Valedictorian. Now equipped with all the tools needed to submit to the college educational system the student soon finds the need to apply for credit to fund the college adventure. Having learned in high school that the banking system is designed to help people and businesses make a difference in their community. It isn’t until the feds are garnishing their wages in order to pay for a piece of paper that provides no employment or security only a constant remind that they are owned.  The education system is corrupt with policies being written and implemented in order to create the perfect little consumer who will not question authority and believe that free choice means being able to choose from dozens of brand names when in reality that brand you choose is the one your slave master has sold you.

Below you will find a list of links to other videos that help explain more of these hidden agendas that the new world order is implementing in the public educational system. Please repost this page on your favorite social network through links I have provided after the comment section below. We shall defeat hatred and violence by not resembling it! Fight the new world order!

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