Clinical Trials has over 30,000 studies with the term EXPERIMENTAL in the title.

In this  HIV Vaccine  Study volunteer’s were previously HIV-Negative.

During the study they contracted HIV!

The study claims the volunteer’s must have engaged in risky sexual behaviors and by no means

did the vaccine infect the volunteers. Read the criteria for qualifying for the study; they have to be

willing to take classes on HIV awareness.l I hear who ya gonna believe me or your lying eyes“.

“A Study of Patients Who Develop HIV Infection After Enrolling in HIV Vaccine Trials or HIV Vaccine Preparedness Trials”
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The Government Engineered HIV as a Bio Weapon that is race specific here is the timeline:

The cure for HIV is in the U.S. Patent office patent office under Patent #5676977 :

“Method of curing AIDS with tetra-silver tetroxide molecular crystal devices”
Its been there since October 14, 1997!