The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have geared up their family efforts to decrease population sizes worldwide through the use of the Oral Polio Vaccine.  Recently the World Health Organization reported that the Type 2 Polio Virus has been eradicated in nature and that the Oral Polio Vaccine is the only means by which this virus is being spread through the human population. Through the use of the GAVI Alliance (formerly the “Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation” ) the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) the global eugenicists have started their use of the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) in Africa. Already the initial two million dosages have caused 47,500 cases of paralytic polio in children linked directly to the VDPV Vaccine Derived Polio Virus. The OPV that is given to children stays active in their system for up to two months with the live virus being shed in their stool and saliva. This puts unvaccinated children at risk due to the OPV’s ability to cross contaminate. Inevitably the media will spin the story blaming the unvaccinated children for the outbreak.

 Now jump into the research and development end of the spectrum and the Gates are hard at work mutating genomes of any animal they might be able to get their hands on. In this instance we see them focusing their higher sense of evil perversions towards the already satanically demonized goat. Remember the goat is used as a symbolic reference to Lucifer or Satan at least in modern day subcultures. This makes the goat the perfect place for the Gates to start their new plan of turning the animals into manufacturing plants converting their bodies into cultivation units similar to what we see in the movie “The Matrix”. Although in this case it’s not a battery they are creating instead the goat is a living breathing biological weapon that just so happens to be indigenous to the African continent and a communal source of food for the local’s.

 Currently they are using genetically modified goats that lactate vaccine proteins in their milk. These proteins have to be removed and assembled before being inserted into the mad scientist evil concoctions called vaccines. In the future they propose to have drinkable milk vaccines on the shelves of all supermarkets in the known galaxy. Now instead of your yearly booster shots you will get your daily recommend dose of vaccines as part of the Standard American Diet (SAD).

 Microsoft’s purchase of the formerly owned Merck Vaccines company; “Rosetta Biosciences” gave them the software they needed to watch how genes express themselves in the presence of different compounds. These compounds will be used in medicines and vaccines designed specifically to target our genes, turning them on or off. This in essence is changing our DNA and ultimately the human species into something other than nature has intended.

 New studies indicate that vaccines are damaging the immune system and making vaccinated people more susceptible to viruses. In 2007 Merck terminated its research on the HIV vaccine because 10% of the volunteers became infected and the remaining 90% had weakened immunity to the virus by as much as 400%. This means that the vaccine had damaged the patient’s immune system causing them to be four time more vulnerable to the virus. Although this information is in the public lexicon a new HIV vaccine campaign will be launched in African beginning in the year 2020 with the hopes of administering 20 million dosages.

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