With the deindustrialization of American if full swing it is not surprising to find out that the current bioweapons manufactures are all relocating to China. With the blessing of the World Health Organization and the first monetary installment by the Gates Foundation, Tiantan Biological is off and running with an initial development of 160 million dosages of the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV). This is the same vaccine that contains the Type 2 polio virus that no longer exists in nature and has already caused 47,500 cases of paralytic polio this year.

Digging further into the financial confessions of the new world order we find that Pakistan has implemented a door to door vaccine campaign that is designed to eradicate the polio virus for good. They have started with 3.8 million dosages that will be administered by a team of 9,000 workers. This will effect on average 80,000 kids with paralytic polio. When you start doing the math on the 160 million dosages that China has planned for its own people you see the staggering number of 3.8 million children given paralytic polio. This sounds horrible to us but to big pharma it only has the sounds of money, money, money, money…..Money!

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