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Four months ago I covered the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA’s new robotic technology focusing in on drones and humanoid like robots that might be used to enforce martial law in the United States and abroad. Let’s look at the advancements DARPA and Boston Dynamics has managed to achieve in that short period of time along with the help of the Marines. I find it fascinating to see the advancements made in only 120 days and when I say fascinating I mean terrifying. Imagine these robots in the next five years patrolling the streets of America standing guard at every street corner looking for the next enemy combatant to add to the growing prison population. Can you think of any other application for this technology that doesn’t involve some form of militant use?

The scariest part about all this robotic technology is that eventually they will perfect it and with that comes an army of machines void of all compassion and reason. A robot will not hesitate to follow orders, will not question commands, and will not relate to your distress, cries or pleas. No matter how many years they work on the technology in developing robots they will never create a program that has a soul. The elitist plan of removing humanity from the perils of war and replacing it with the programs of terminators that will server their soulless master is coming to future near you.

Chasing Human's?

Chasing Human’s?

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