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Kids Are Targets

Vaccines have been designed to damage and injury the immune system of infants, teens and adults who are subjected to these deadly darts. Starting with the Polio Vaccine which contained the cancer causing virus SV40 the goals of the new world orders pharmaceutical division are quite clear. Make the public sick while selling them cures which really only serve to make them sicker. Every year Big Pharma comes out with 100’s of new medications and dozens of new vaccines that claim to relieve and alleviate all the discomforts of life. Instead the only two factors that seem to have increased along with the medication and vaccines is the amount of revenues generated by big pharm and the number of sick people that become statistics for the booming death care insurance industry.

In the next few years there will be vaccines for allergies and depression with the ultimate goal being to make vaccines synonyms with medications just like Kleenex did with facial tissues. The original vaccine concept was to inject you with a weakened version of a virus or bacteria to generate an immune system response that would produce antibodies that will protect you from future invasions.  Now the industry is hoping you won’t notice how they are blurring the lines of their own history with the emergence of vaccines for illness related to addiction in this case we are talking about the cocaine vaccine. Just in case you weren’t paying attention there is no such thing as a Cocaine Virus or Bacteria. Beware of these toxic darts and don’t let your children be used as targets in the new world orders hunt for future customers. Their ultimate goal is to turn people into patients and being human into a diagnosis stay safe my friends and fight the new world.

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