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Inoculating Intuition

With vaccines being administered on a daily basis here in the most experimental and controlled society in human history it doesn’t take long to find a picture of a child screaming while receiving one of these painful injection containing numerous toxins and unfortunately they are usually being restrained by up to three fully grown adults. I believe this response is not a fear of needles or doctors but instead I believe that these are reactions of the child’s own intuition being expressed in one final attempt to save the body from injury.

The mainstream explanation of vaccine theory is to damage the immune system in order to provoke the body into reacting to the potential threat of a foreign organism in these cases we are referring to both viruses and bacteria. All this stimulation to the immune system only weakens its ability to fight of wild strains of naturally occurring viruses and other microscopic organisms. With children receiving 33 vaccinations by the age of 6 we can start to see the underlying foundation and possible cause of most childhood illnesses and newly developing allergy’s.

The pharmaceutical industry has a built-in mechanism to generate future customers and sales for its growing empire this mechanism of exploitation comes in the form of protection via inoculation and prescriptions. With more medications and more vaccinations being introduced into the public arena every year you would think we would have fewer sick people and healthier child instead it is just the opposite. Every year there are not only more sick people but there are dozens of new illnesses and disorders that come with a prepackaged prescription medications that only continues to perpetuate the cycle of medical madness which seeks to turn children into customers and people into patients.

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Vaccine Exemption Forms