The New World Orders “big pharma division” has gone to great lengths to ensure that you get the medications and vaccinations you deserve. Only this time they have been exposed in their idea of what ensure and deserve really mean. The Pandemrix H1N1 vaccination given to Europeans living in Sweden & Finland has been linked to multiple narcolepsy cases occurring in children and adolescents ever since the man made 2009 swine flu pandemic was declared and the false solutions were presented. GlaxoSmithKline is the manufacture of the bunk flu vaccine that is now a banned substance in both the United States and Europe having failed on numerous attempts to cover up their actions they have plead guilty to fraud. With charges revolving around anti-depressant medications being prescribed to children and having paid out 3 billion dollars in fines we can see what their true agenda is; profits.

Pandemrix Vaccine Banned

What Next Weight A Loss Vaccine?

Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects a person’s sleeping cycles causing them to inadvertently loss their ability to remain awake. This symptom is the most dangerous aspect of the disorder merely walking down a flight of stair may lead to a broken arm and head injuries from this loss of consciousness. The vaccine Pandemrix has now been directly linked to creating this neurological disorder by provoking or damaging the immune system either indirectly or directly. This study indicates that vaccines can be used to damage the body’s ability to regulate itself acting as a catalyst for creating disorders and illnesses. This is just one case where the effects of the vaccinations started to express themselves ahead of schedule. What if these symptoms would have showed up a decade later, who would have connected the dots? These experiments on humanity are ongoing and will only stop when their goals are reached or when the populations have been reduced to groups of sterilized subservient workers who are dedicated, medicated and vaccinated!

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