The new world orders tapestry of medical lies is slowly unraveling with this week’s star performer Merck Vaccines who have two of their virologists filing fraud lawsuits indicating that Merck has falsified results of its mumps vaccine in order to gain CDC funding and make huge profits on its toxic crippling and debilitating poisonous brew. Merck has been in the business of manufacturing bio weapons for the past 70 years starting in 1942 with George W. Merck being appointed to the War Reserve Service. This is where he gained the initial funding of $200,000 to set up shop at 28 college universities and begin working on the weaponization of bacteria and virus’s.

Today Merck has a monopoly on government funding for multiple vaccines including the mumps, measles and rubella vaccine. Over the past 15 years the mumps vaccine has generated 100’s of millions of dollars for Merck and guaranteed that the pharmaceutical industry would have plenty of customers to prescribe medications that will continue to deteriorate the health of an already dying nation. The virologist’s that have filed the lawsuit claim that since the early 90’s Merck has been spiking the vaccine test results to reflected a 95% efficacy in order to get their federally funded contract for the mumps vaccine. Merck used animal antibodies to spike the results and get the numbers need to gain funding and continue to spread their contagious concoction. Also Merck never tested the mumps vaccine against the Wild mumps virus.

Merck has been pushing toxic potions on the public for decades now including the infamous Vioxx which killed tens of thousands of people and of course the Gardasil vaccine which is so potent it has caused numerous seizures in full grown children and adults. To add insult to injury the Protocol that Merck was following has the name “Protocol 007” just like James Bond a double agent always having ulterior motives and a hidden agenda. What Merck’s artichoke of lies will be revealed in the next whistleblowing episode only time will tell? Want to learn more about the current bioweapons program that is turning every living person into a patient by selling and administering poisons under the guise of medicines?

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